May the Road Rise to Meet You

May the Road Rise to Meet You Sara Macel Daylight Books English Text by Marvin Heiferman   Hardcover 84 pages 250 x 230 mm 2013 ISBN 9780988983113   In this remarkable pseudo-documentary and biography, Sara Macel followed her father, a traveling salesman, on his trips across the US. In popular mythology, few professions are as… Continue reading May the Road Rise to Meet You


No. 223 Lin Zhipeng (aka No. 223) Revolution-Star Publishing & Creati English   Softcover 240 pages 177 x 254 mm 2013 ISBN 9789868683952   ‘These are the immediate and natural status and looks in our lives. But we more than ever feel embarrassed. I am more into a simple, violent and immediate aesthetics that has… Continue reading No.223


Macquenoise Pierre Liebaert Le caillou bleu English and French Text by Septembre Tiberghien   Softcover 32 pages 210 x 300 mm 2013 ISBN 9782930537245   Macquenoise is the bittersweet portrait of a mother and son who live a secluded life with only animals for company, at the mercy of the seasons. From this oedipal relationship… Continue reading Macquenoise

Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera

Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera Wayne Lawrence Prestel English   Hardcover 152 pages 310 x 250 mm 2013 ISBN 9783791348711   This collection of engaging and beautiful portraits by Wayne Lawrence celebrates the diversity and community of one of New York City’s most popular beaches. Orchard Beach might not be the most elegant place to… Continue reading Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera

Tales From The City of Gold

Tales From The City of Gold Jason Larkin Kehrer Verlag English and Afrikaans Text by Julian Rodriguez, Mara Kardas-Nelson   Hardcover 96 pages 240 x 260 mm 2013 ISBN 9783868284164   In his most wide-ranging photographic project to date, Larkin explores the vast waste dumps created by Johannesburg’s historic gold-mining industry, territory where history, economy… Continue reading Tales From The City of Gold

Pixel Stress

Pixel Stress Anouk Kruithof RVB Books English   Softcover 100 pages 200 x 320 mm 2013 ISBN 9791090306219   On the 18th of April 2013, Anouk Kruithof and two assistants went to Wall Street in New York City and built a temporary installation of 14 framed prints of different sizes on the edge of the… Continue reading Pixel Stress

New York Over the Top

New York Over the Top Max Kozloff Contrasto Books English Text by Marvin Heiferman   Hardcover 100 Pages 280 x 210 mm 2013 ISBN 9788869653995   New York is one of the most ever-changing and photogenic places in the world. For street photographers, New York has always been a city of unparalleled visual excitement, teeming… Continue reading New York Over the Top

Special Treatment

Special Treatment Patricia Klich Self Published English, German and Polish Hardcover 74 pages 240 x 180 mm 2013 ISBN Not available     Special Treatment photobook functions as a deconstruction of Wanda Jakubowska’s narrative film, The Last Stage, which was made in Auschwitz in 1947. The film explores the experience of the camp from a female perspective,… Continue reading Special Treatment