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Promising Waters
Mila Teshaieva

Promising Waters, Mila Teshaieva

Promising Waters, Mila TeshaievaPromising Waters
Mila Teshaieva
Kehrer Verlag

Texts by Maya Iskenderova, Christoph Moeskes and Mila Teshaieva.


120 pages
240 x 220 mm
ISBN 9783868284218


The contemporary identity of three countries located along the Caspian Sea are explored and documented in this collection by photographer Mila Teshaieva. Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan have been plagued by internal and internationally battles over oil and gas reserves, leaving countries devoid of unity and national identity. Teshaieva’s images reveal an atmosphere of insecurity, where people pin their hopes and expectations on a transformation whose direction remains uncertain.

About the Artist
Mila Teshaieva (b. 1974, Ukraine) uses photography to understand driving forces for constructed societies from the point of view of a curious researcher. She is working passionately to go over and further develop the traditions of the long form of storytelling, and in so doing, to draw attention to her subject matter through new powerful, innovative and resourceful ways. Her work often combines in-depth scientific research with special esthetics and opens new layers for a viewer to reevaluate the mechanisms, which construct nations, modify memories and thus invisibly influence our being. Since 2004 Mila has been engaged into long-term projects on the territories of former USSR, in particular, she dedicated many years working in the Caucasus and Caspian Sea region.

About the Publisher
Kehrer Verlag is among the world’s leading publishers of photo books. Founded in 1995 by Klaus Kehrer, it is also one of the few independent publishing houses in Germany. In addition to photography, further focal points include contemporary art, art of the 17th through the 20th centuries, and international sound art. Over the years, numerous Kehrer publications have been nominated for and honoured with international book awards. From 2011 through 2016, Kehrer was also the German partner of the European Publishers Award for Photography (EPAP), an initiative launched by European publishing houses to promote contemporary photography.

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