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Contemporary Photography in Asia
Various Artists

Contemporary Photography in Asia Various Artists

Contemporary Photography in Asia Various ArtistsContemporary Photography in Asia
Various Artists

Edited by Keiko Hooton and Anthony George Godfrey.


224 pages
230 x 250 mm
ISBN 9783791348070


Filled with luminous photographs from the best practitioners working today, this unique collection contextualises contemporary Asian photography against the backdrop of massive cultural, social, and political changes in the region.

Global expansion and growing local economies have allowed the obsession with photography to sweep the Asian continent. Japan was the first in the region to fall in love with photography; most Western readers are already familiar with names such as Araki. Rinko Kawauchi’s recent nomination for the Deutsche Börse prize has sparked huge international interest in Asia’s most popular art form. Now, South Korea, China, and Southeast Asia are also emerging as powerhouses in the photographic realm. This beautiful, up-to-date volume documents the growing culture of photography as an art form in Asia, including often overlooked countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Singapore. The book features short essays on the status of photography by region and introduces each artist through spreads of their work, a short biography, and a personal statement given exclusively for this unique book. The stunning images speak volumes about one of the most exciting developments in contemporary photography.

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