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AMC2 Journal Issue 5

AMC2 Journal Issue 5AMC2
Issue 5: Notes Home
AMC Books

Edited by Ed Jones and Timothy Prus


Softcover in paper bag
60 pages
210x  140 mm
ISSN 20484135


Published to coincide with Notes Home, an exhibition curated by the Archive of Modern Conflict’s Timothy Prus and Ed Jones for Format Festival 2013, issue 5 of Amc2 features picture postcards from the archive’s permanent collection. The postcards, all sent from resorts on England’s east coast, perform the dual function of allowing us to visualise the places and events they record and providing us with insights into the emotional and cultural temperaments of those who sent them. Texts on the reverse sides of the cards report events to friends and families back home in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester in much the same way as our emails would do today. These records of many ordinary family holidays encapsulate the collective memories of English seaside locations that have come down to us through the generations.

Postcards received from British holidaymakers today are more likely to feature one of the Spanish Costas or a resort in south-east Asia, but the fact that 2013’s Rough Guide Travel Hot List includes Kent’s Margate as one of the world top 10 destinations reminds us that the resorts of the east coast continue to function and will also continue to hold a special place in our hearts and minds.

About the Magazine
AMC2 Journal is a magazine run by The Archive of Modern Conflict. Issues are published intermittently, each printed in a different format. The magazine was first issued in 2011 and most recently in 2018.

About the Artist
Ed Jones is an editor at the Archive of Modern Conflict.

Timothy Prus (b. 1959) is an English visual artist and curator of Archive of Modern Conflict since 1992. He is also an exhibition organiser and a photobook editor. His previous publications include Whale’s Eyelash (2014), Nein, Onkle (2007), Scrapbook (2009) and The Corinthians (2008). Previous exhibitions include Lodz Ghetto (Muzeum Sztuki, 2005), Collected Shadows (Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto, 2013), Notes Homes (FORMAT International Photography Festival, Derby, 2013), The Great Refusal (2013) and A Guide to the Protection of the Public in Peacetime (Tate Modern, London, 2014).

About the Publisher
The Archive of Modern Conflict is an organisation dedicated to the collection and preservation of vernacular photographs, objects, artefacts, curiosities, and ephemera. Founded in 1991, the archive began as a collection of photographs relating to war and conflict but has since expanded its remit to become the vast and thematically diverse repository it is today. They have produced and published over thirty books, often collaborating with photographers and artists such as Stephen Gill, Cristina de Middel, Thomas Mailaender, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, and Don McCullin.

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