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Henk Wildschut

Food, Henk Wildschut

Food, Henk WildschutFood
Henk Wildschut
Post Editions


144 pages
240 x 280 mm
ISBN 9789460830747


For this project Henk Wildschut immersed himself in the world of today’s farmer whom he originally saw as the most important innovator in the food production process. In his endeavour to get to grips with the production and processing of food Wildschut, rather than restricting himself to modern farming, also directs his quest at vegetable breeders and cultivators, stock farms, hatcheries, fish farms, laboratories, inspection bodies and suppliers of abattoir equipment. Theirs is a squeaky-clean world where rules, regulations and protocols are riveted together in the stainless-steel abstraction of the industrial scheme of things; a world that often seems such a far cry from the food itself.

About the Artist
Henk Wildschut (b. 1967, Harderwijk) is a Dutch artist and photographer who studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and lives and works in Amsterdam.

About the Publisher
Post Editions was an independent publisher based in Rotterdam dedicated to the task of initiating, producing and distributing special books on contemporary art, architecture and photography.

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