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ACM2 Journal: Issue 8

ACM2 Journal: Issue 8ACM2 
Issue 8
The Archive of Modern Conflict
English, Mandarin


68 pages
193 x 66 mm
ISSN 20484135


Issue 8 of Amc2 features a selection of full-length portraits, some black & white and others hand-coloured, made in Chinese studios between the 1930s and the 1980s. This serendipitous reunion of 60 anonymous portraits reveals – through the dress codes and behavioural mores they present – fragments of the history of Chinese society and ideology.

Description of Form
This magazine comes in the form of a fan sampler. Each image is a scan of the original found photograph, with one side of the page displaying the photograph, and the flip side showing a scan of the back of each photograph, often blank but occasionally featuring writing. It is entirely printed on black card and is contained with a PVC box.

About the Magazine
AMC2 Journal is a magazine run by The Archive of Modern Conflict. Issues are published intermittently, each printed in a different format. The magazine was first issued in 2011 and most recently in 2018.

About the Publisher
The Archive of Modern Conflict is an organisation dedicated to the collection and preservation of vernacular photographs, objects, artefacts, curiosities, and ephemera. Founded in 1991, the archive began as a collection of photographs relating to war and conflict but has since expanded its remit to become the vast and thematically diverse repository it is today. They have produced and published over thirty books, often collaborating with photographers and artists such as Stephen Gill, Cristina de Middel, Thomas Mailaender, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, and Don McCullin.

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