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Valentine Bo

Vuayer, Valentine Bo

Vuayer, Valentine BoVuayer
Valentine Bo
Niice Publishing


Edition 78/100
36 pages
150 x 210 mm
ISBN Not Available


This is a small photobook by Valentine Bo which explores sexuality, youth culture and gender. The title comes from the romanisation of the word for ‘voyeur’ in Ukrainian (вуаєр).

About the Artist
Valentine Bo (b. 1985, Lutsk) is a Ukrainian artist. Valentine graduated from the Architecture Institute of the Lviv National University in 2007 receiving a master’s degree in architecture. In 2010 became a member of UPHA — Ukrainian Photographic Alternative (a small independent group created to help and support development of Ukrainian contemporary photography). Since 2012 his work has been exhibited in group shows in USA, Sweden, Poland, and the UK.

About the Publisher
Niice Publishing was an independent publishing initiative started and based in Kyiv, Ukraine. They had a small team of Arianna Khmelniuk, Varvara Perekrest and Anastasia Samoylenko.

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