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Life After Zog and other stories
Chiara Tocci

Life After Zog and other stories, Chiara Tocci

Life After Zog and other stories, Chiara TocciGrey Matters 2
Life After Zog and Other Stories
Chiara Tocci


60 pages
220 x 245 mm
ISBN 9789055307960


As a child, in the early nineties, Chiara Tocci witnessed streams of disillusioned Albanians docking on the coast of her hometown in Southern Italy, installing in her a fascination for this enigmatic land and its people. Running away from a hopeless future, towards something equally uncertain, they left Chiara with questions about who and what was left behind, prompting her some years later to make a photographic journey to the remote areas of High Albania. The resulting work depicts this country as an enchanted place, a place with no time, inhabited by people who share the land with their ancestors’ ghosts. This publication, the second in Schilt Publishing’s new Grey Matters series, is an ongoing project highlighting an evolving web of stories, both personal and political, set against the wider cultural and geographical landscape of Albania.

About the Artist
Chiara Tocci (b. 1982, Bari) is an Italian photographer based in London.

About the Publisher
Schilt Publishing and Schilt Gallery are respectively a publishing house specialised in high quality photography books, and a commercial gallery representing a wide range of top class artists from all over the world.

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