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Belgrade Raw


RAWBelgrade Raw
Rostfrei Publishing

Contributing Artists: Andrej Filey, Darko Stanimirovic, Luka Knezevic-Strika, Milovan Milenkovic, Nemanja Knezevic.


160 Pages
148 x 200 mm
ISBN 9789612812317


The photographs that constitute this book were taken out of our personal need to document Belgrade, our lives in it and the people surrounding us. As Belgrade Raw, they also stand as an intentional counterpoint to unfounded over-glamorous representations of the city that are overwhelmingly present in Serbia, as well as to unbalanced, overly negative views that we have often seen coming from the international media.

About the Collective
We are a non-profit focused on Belgrade – exploring social and urban aspects of life in the city, as well as our personal perceptions, using photography. We look at the streets, ordinary and extraordinary people, places and events that, in our belief, reflect the true look and feel of our city.

About the Publisher
Rostfrei Publishing started as an idea of creating a platform for bringing to light visual content we find inspiring, critical and inventive. That is what we did for many years with a trans-Balkan street magazine called Kontejner and now we feel that it is time to take it to another level.

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