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Exhibition of the Nominees, Kandinsky Prize 2013

Kandinsky Prize 2013

Kandinsky Prize 2013Exhibition of the Nominees, Kandinsky Prize 2013
Kandinsky Prize
English and Russian

Text by Antonio Geusa


128 Pages
203 x 275 mm
ISBN Not Available


A catalog of the Nominees for the Kandinsky Prize 2013.

About the Organisation
Modern art has recently acquired a totally new status in Russia. Marginal phenomena known to few people only became a formidable institution with solid positions in the world of museums and exhibitions, as well as in the world of art markets. This is evidenced by the mega-exhibitions of modern art at the Hermitage, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery, establishment of the Moscow Modern Art Biennale held in 2007 for the second time, the unprecedented growth of the prices for modern art that has been setting new records at the world auctions, the first ever Russian modern art auction at the Sotheby’s in London, an ever increasing number of the Russian modern art exhibitions, etc.

The award was established in 2007 on Shalva Breus’ initiative, the president of the International Cultural Found – BREUS Foundation. We have followed a tradition of naming the award after a distinguished artist. Kandinsky is more than a painter, he is a symbol of novelty and a historical figure in our culture, his heritage has provided a solid foundation for cultural exchange in the world of art. The Kandinsky Prize objectives are: the support and development of Russian contemporary art and securing of its positions not only in Russia but also on the world stage.

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