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Payment Guidelines for Professional Visual Artists
Noel Kelly

Payment Guidelines for Professional Visual Artists Noel Kelly

Payment Guidelines for Professional Visual Artists Noel KellyPayment Guidelines for Professional Visual Artists
Noel Kelly
Visual Artists Ireland


19 pages
148 x 210 mm
ISBN Not Applicable


This is a leaflet investigating the the experience of artists in Ireland being paid for exhibition work. It includes the review of a survey answered by artists about the exhibition opportunities they have had as well as their experience with payment for these opportunities. It also puts together a set of guidelines for institutions to calculate how much the artist should be paid based on their experience, and how to properly budget for all of the relevant costs of running an exhibition.

About the Author
Noel is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the ecouragement of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce, President of AICA Ireland, a board member of IVARO (The Irish Visual Artists Rights Organisation), and a Member of the Royal Society for Aesthetics. His role is the strategic direction and day to day management of Visual Artists Ireland.

About the Organisation
Visual Artists Ireland is the Representative body for professional visual artists in Ireland. VAI research has identified: Isolation; a Need for Support; and a Need for Information as the three primary areas of concern for visual artists.
Each of these impact areas are directly referenced by a range of services which are clearly directed towards our vision statement “We dare to dream of a time when artists will live in a world of opportunities.” Through the delivery of Networking, Support, and Information services, we allow individual artists and artist groups to develop their careers, develop a capacity to take advantage of the opportunities, and to share knowledge. We do this through: Advocacy; Advice; Membership Services; Lifelong Learning; and Information Provision.

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