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Verbrannte Erde
Salvatore Santoro

Verbrannte Erde, Salvatore Santoro

Verbrannte Erde, Salvatore SantoroVerbrannte Erde
Salvatore Santoro
AKINA books

Text by Massimo Zamboni.


60 pages
160 x 230 mm
ISBN Not Available


Verbrannte Erde is Salvatore Santoro’s formal investigation into a Nazi massacre of 770 people in October 1944 in a town called Marzabotto near Bologna, Italy. Archival imagery paired with Santoro’s photography create a solemn and affecting portrait of a wounded town.

About the Artist
Salvatore Santoro is an Italian documentary photographer based in Bologna.

About the Publisher
AKINA books is an independent publishing house of photobooks which carry their experimental singularity in contents, visual narratives, handmade and hybrid binding techniques, paper combinations and printing.

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