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Mateusz Sarello

Swell, Mateusz Sarello

Swell, Mateusz SarelloSwell
Mateusz Sarello
Instytut Kultury Wizualnej

Text by Kuba Rubaj and Mateusz Sarello 


Edition 277 of 300
88 pages
172 x 207 mm
ISBN 9788363025168


Swell by Mateusz Sarello is availble to view on Vimeo.

Road. Winter. Void. Void of everything that is important. I am trying to think about the “road.” I cannot. I am completely exhausted. All in all, I am going only because of the weather. The prospect of wind, snow, and my flashes on the beach did not let me sleep. Besides, I am afraid of the few days of thinking only about Her, and this way I will have the Baltic Sea. My Baltic Sea. Instead of.

“Swell” is a story of a break-up and of unaccepted loneliness. About going back to the same places and memories that we can’t forget. At first it was supposed to be a documentary project about the Baltic Sea. So a plan was drawn up, the form was thought through, and the places to be visited were marked on the map. The photographs came about during trips together. The last joint photo was taken a little later-and a portrait on a negative ruined by the lab technician. The project no longer mattered, and the outings to the sea were now only an escape from daily life. Over a dozen colour “postcards” have survived from the first trips. They are the beginning of this story. There is no end yet. We’re about half-way.

About the Artist 
Mateusz Sarello was born in 1978 in Warsaw and is a graduate from the Academy of Photography in Warsaw.

About the Publisher 
Instytut Kultury Wizualnej is a foundation and was established in December 2010. It was created by the people with long-standing experience in organising artistic and educational projects. Instytut Kultury Wizualnej’s focus is education in the field of visual arts, promoting talented photographers and spreading knowledge on visual culture.

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