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Return to Sender
Sipke Visser

Return to Sender, Sipke Visser

Return to Sender, Sipke VisserReturn to Sender
Sipke Visser

Text by Pepijn de Boer.


Edition of 750
512 pages
150 x 207 mm
ISBN 9780957518803


Between 2008 and 2010 Visser sent out 500 handwritten letters accompanied by a photograph to random addresses all over the UK. He asked the receivers for a response. The book Return to Sender is the result of this exercise and contains over one hundred of his photos and the correspondence that came from it.

About the Artist
Sipke Visser grew up in Leeuwarden in the north of the Netherlands and via several detours (the main one being Amsterdam) he ended up in Walthamstow, London – where he currently resides. The running theme in Visser’s work are the strangers around him. He aims to photograph those intimate moments when people are immersed in themselves or with each other.

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