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Emma Phillips

Salt, Emma Phillips

Salt, Emma PhillipsSALT
Emma Phillips


40 pages
370 x 260 mm
ISBN Not Available


Shot amid the dramatic manmade undulations of a salt mine, SALT hints at many of the tropes of the landscape and picturesque tradition, only for the subject itself – the huge, white mounds of glistening salt – to cause a slippage. It’s a familiar form, but an alien landscape. Phillips also traces fragments of industrial and domestic infrastructure within this strange environment. The arc of a conveyor belt juts obliquely from towering apex of salt; a caravan, itself blasted white, sits oxidising in the midst of a vast, sun-beaten, white plane; an orange digger chugs across an otherwise colourless frame. Phillips has used salt as an allegory – reduced and economised – for the Australian interior.

About the Artist
Emma Phillips (b. 1989) is an Australian photographer and writer based in Melbourne. Her photographs have been exhibited widely and published in a variety of contexts. Most recently her exhibition “Too Much to Dream” turned its gaze toward a more speculative mode of image making, using the gap between text and image to pose questions on and about the nature of representational discourses. From 2014-2019 Emma was the photobook buyer at Perimeter Books.

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