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Issue 12
Contributing Artists, Marco Trevisan, Arianna Vairo, Antonio Lapone, Virginie Vertonghen, Tommaso Di Spigna, Giacomo Bagnara, Cristiano Baricelli, Roberto Blefari and Anna Fietta.


71 Pages
210 x 290 mm
ISBN Not Available


Flora and Fauna are the starting point to tell stories, describe or make up new worlds and encourage people to get lost in them. In this issue there are many different techniques, approaches and visions used to represent stories which are created by our unconscious and which somehow also end up there. After a journey that is in part free and in part guided. This issue has indeed two currents. On one side each artist has given his own interpretation of the theme, as usual since Nurant exists. But in addition to that we have assigned to each illustrator the drawing of a child – on the theme flora and fauna – and we asked them to use it as an outline to develop their own drawings. The children’s drawings are just clues, which each artist can decide to follow up more or less closely, with all possible deviations. Leafing through the pages you will see the children’s drawings, in the next pages we will explain you how to handle with them to understand their development.

About the Publication
Nuant is a bi-monthly illustration magazine. It was born from the idea of two graphic illustrators, Sergio Caruso and Nicola Iannibello, later joined by Sonia Mion. Both adopted Milanese – even the magazine’s name is a homage to the Lombard city and its dialect – they kicked off a magazine where the smartest talents can showcase their most interesting works, a virtual space for a free sharing of little artworks specially created for the magazine or drawn from the artist’s lifelong portfolios.

Every issue is associated with a topic, to suggest the guest illustrators images from which to develop ideas, a clue to the eye that glides through the pages like a pair of spectacles driving the act of reading smoothly on. However, it isn’t really an act of  reading, because apart from the editorial and the authors’ brief introductory notices, the word give in to the image (pardon the pun). Whoever wants to publish a short biography or his/her sign of the Zodiac or latest tweets is free to do so.

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