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A Dull Complete Works
Changyu Kim

A dull completed work

A dull completed workA Dull Complete Works
Changyu Kim
Korean and English


Wooden Box
30 loose leave prints,
165 x 225 mm
ISBN Not Available


As part of an exhibition at the Korean contemporary photography at Galleri Image.

We don’t often concern about daily things because they are too familiar. Actually we are not really conscious of the things that are used to do. But the most of small or big problems we have in our life start from these daily things that we do not concern. They are just stories of yesterday that already passed, today which is not special and vague tomorrow. Thinking this way, our life is similar to this. Angry about a petty matter, get a childish infatuation, impress or sad about triviality… Work A Dull Complete Works is about consideration of our important life that looks like trivial because it is so familiar. I want to think meaning of the life through this work. The aim of this work is to collect a dull story of a boring people and arrange them, and at the end make a complete works of those.

Description of Form
A collection of 30 loose leaf prints 150 x 210 mm in size, printed on a thick mount-like paper, so as not to bend or get damaged whilst browsing, that fit perfectly into a hand made wooden box with a lid.

About the Exhibition
New Generation at Galleri Image shows new photo talents from Korea, whose lenses focus sharply on major political issues and the microcosmic everyday life of the individual, which contains emotions, moods and scenarios that are shared in both East and West. A small part of Korea is made available at Vestergade 29 in the form of photographic fragments that carry stories about war, the art of photography as a medium, and the individual’s small space of existence and emotions.

The eight artists represented, who together make up the artist collective CAU Photography , belong to Korea’s ‘crisis generation’, having witnessed two economic crises in 1997 and 2008 respectively. As graduates of Chung-Ang University in 2013 and 2014, they enroll in the range of artists who are helping to set the standard for the development of photography in Asia.

About the Artist
Changyu Kim (b. 1999, Seoul) in 2016 Completed the Department of Photography, Chung-Ang University, Graduate School and in 2014 Graduated from the Department of Photography, Chung-Ang University. He has exhibited in multiple exhibitions throughout Asia and Europe.

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