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Sentimentale Objektivität
Jesper Fabricius


SentimentaleSentimentale Objektivität
Jesper Fabricius
Forlaget Space Poetry



14 Pages
215 x 300 mm
ISBN Not Available


A series of industrial images taken in berlin around the Uban.


About the Artist 
Jesper Fabricius is known for his many broad ranging activities in Danish art and culture. Both as an active artist using installation, painting, collage, film and photography and as a purveyor through the publishing house ‘Space Poetry‘, the magazine ‘Pist Protta‘ and as a curator for a wide range of exhibitions.
Everything in Jespers oeuvre appears simple and easy to attain, though containing an enormous complexity.
A disarming insecurity and at times childish joy with his work is replaced by a deeper experience and a wish for a more thorough interpretation of our time.
The organizing of his photography, the collages, paintings, the installations and even his publishing policy reaches beyond the formalistic.
There is an intimacy in the images and in the work as a whole and in the midst of this constant economizing with his means, the unpretentious, Jesper manages to create a matrix, a simplification, where space is investigated. This simplification is not to be confused with the clear cut, in fact the opposite, the images give way to new images, new connections.

About the Publisher
The first time Forlaget Space Poetry appears as a name is on the publication “Kontainer” in 1980. It is a group of very young artists with an address in North Jutland who are behind it. They have names such as Jørgen Brandt Birman, Jesper Fabricius, Claus Otto Otto and Jesper Jærnside (the 2 latter appear later under the names Claus Egemose and Jesper Rasmussen).
These young artists, in their youthful arrogance, believe that their art is so unique that the next year they start the art magazine Pist Protta, which recently came out with No. 116. It is still some of the same ones who were there in 1981 that form the core in the editorial office, namely Jesper Fabricius, Åse Eg Jørgensen (Copenhagen) and Jesper Rasmussen (Aarhus).