Los Jardines de México

Los Jardines de México Janelle Lynch Radius Books English and Spanish Text by Jose Antonio Aldrete- Haas and Mario Bellatin   Hardcover 80 pages 279 x 356 mm 2011 ISBN 9781934435311   Los Jardines de México begins with El Jardín de Juegos (Mexico City, 2002-2003), the first project Janelle Lynch made upon her move to Mexico City, where… Continue reading Los Jardines de México

Horsehead Nebula

Horsehead Nebula Matthieu Litt Self Published English Text by Antoine Litt   Softcover 128 pages 160 x 190 mm 2015 ISBN Not available   ‘Over there, there are so many horses that they don’t even have a name. This area of Faristan, wild, unknown and so fantasied, is a mix between beauty and wildness landlocked… Continue reading Horsehead Nebula


1048 Armin Linke A & MBookstore Edizioni Italian   Harcover 140 pages 110 × 160 mm 1998 ISBN Not Available   No Description Available About the Artist Armin Linke (b. 1966, Milan) is a photographer and filmmaker combining a range of contemporary image processing technologies to blur the border between fiction and reality. Linke indagates… Continue reading 1048

Pablo Lopez Luz

Pablo Lopez Luz RM Co- edited by Toluca Editions English and Spanish Text by Horacio Fernandez   Hardcover 104 pages 244 x 310 mm 2010 ISBN 9788415118077   The aerial photographs of Pablo López Luz  rove across the urban landscapes of his native Mexico, capturing scenes of dense civic activity and more pastoral areas on… Continue reading Pablo Lopez Luz

Autre Eden

Autre Eden Philippe Loparrelli Poursuite Editions French Text by Marie- Pierre Losfeld   Softcover 36 pages 135 x 185 mm 2011 ISBN 9782918960058   “Had to leave. Far, leaving the known world while staying close to life. Leaving France…. to the other side of the world. Visiting the FSAL: the French Southern and Antarctic Lands.… Continue reading Autre Eden

I Went Looking For A Ship

I Went Looking For A Ship Natascha Libbert The Eriskay Connection Edited by Michaël Snitker and Natascha Libbert Dutch and English Text by Natascha Libbert   Soft Cover 160 pages 205 x 300 mm 2018 ISBN 9789492051387   I Went Looking for a Ship is a navigation through the landscape of shipping, following the major renovation of… Continue reading I Went Looking For A Ship


Schwarzfahrten Joy- Rides Werner Lieberknecht Ex Pose Verlag German Text by Marcel Beyer   Hardcover 96 pages 210 x 170 mm 2011 ISBN 9783925935657   These photographs transverse the current popular imagery. Nudes, cinematic sequences, peculiarly popular architectures and urban landscapes are interwoven into each other along a daring melody. Follow the wandering eyes of… Continue reading Schwarzfahrten