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Southern Light Stations
Noémie Goudal

Southern Light Stations, Noémie Goudal

Southern Light Stations, Noémie Goudal Southern Light Stations
Noémie Goudal
Polish, English


22 pages
155 x 210 mm
ISBN Not Available


This is a catalogue of the Noémie Goudal exhibition Southern Light Stations which took place at the Fotofestiwal in Łódź, Poland in 2017. Noémie Goudal’s series Southern Light Stations is a continuation of her focus on constructions and installations, which she photographs in natural surroundings, thus questioning the idea of landscape and its various perspectives. The objects made of materials such as paper, glass and wood correspond to her previous series: Haven Her Body Was (2012) and Les Observatoires (2014). Balancing between the reality and fiction, the photos of Southern Light Stations explore the mechanics of the celestial sphere as it used to be seen before telescope was invented (Galileusz, 1609), that is as a universal space where observations, interpretations and mythological projections meet.

About the Artist
Noémie Goudal is a French artist whose practice involves the construction of ambitious staged, illusionistic installations within the landscape, documented using film and photography. Goudal’s interventions are under pinned by rigorous research examining the intersection of ecology and anthropology, interrogating the limitations of theoretical conceptions of the natural world. Noémie Goudal (b. 1984) graduated from the Royal College of Art (UK) in 2010 with an MA in Photography.

About the Organisation
Fotofestiwal was established in 2001 as one of the first photography events in Poland. It was a spontaneous initiative of students and lecturers of the Sociology Department. Since then, photography and ways of organizing cultural events have transformed. The same has been true for Fotofestiwal itself – we have a different perspective towards the program, we work differently, our viewer’s needs have changed. Still, Fotofestiwal remains a space for presenting various forms and types of photography, a forum for discussion about art and society, a motivation to search for alternative methods of discussing and exhibiting photography. But first of all, invariably, it is a place where people meet.

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