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Krister Hägglund

Lux, Krister Hägglund

Lux, Krister HägglundLux
Krister Hägglund
Swedish and English

Afterword by Thomas Tidholm.


148 Pages
185 x 250mm
ISBN 9789187939570


“It started when I began walking to work in Skellefteå. I was overweight and needed the exercise. On route were things that were nicely illuminated. I started taking photos of the lights, to and from work. Then I just carried on. Saw light constellations in Umeå when visiting my parents, when walking across half the town to celebrate Christmas with my kids at my ex-wife’s, went to see my son in Nordmaling and my partner’s sister and her family in Hägersten. And so on.

I think it started in 2011. Have tried to stop several times. It’s going so-so. I’ve become a bit like a fly drawn to the light. I probably like the scruffy Christmas lights best. Perhaps I’ll continue this year too…”

About the Artist
“I photograph daily. Both at work and privately. Is an everyday photographer at Skellefteå museum. Thus, I am quite filled with images concerning the work. Which means that the time with my own pictures will suffer. I currently have a frustratingly large amount of pictures I would need to go through. In my imagination, I probably need 1 year of peace of mind with my own pictures to see what I’m really doing.
Sometimes I wonder if I take pictures I have already seen. Can be others or own. We live in a time with an extreme image flow right now. For better or worse. ”

About the Publisher
Journal was founded by Gösta Flemming in 1991 with the aim to publish photo books. They are based in Sweden.

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