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Therése Olsson

Meandering, Therése Olsson

Meandering, Therése OlssonMeandering
Therése Olsson
English and Swedish

120 pages
150 x 223 mm
ISBN 9789187939501



“The river is alive in its presence. Rushing by,
like a constant journey. Through me.”

Meandering, Therése Olsson’s debut book, is a story about motherhood and a sense of belonging to a childhood country by the river Klarälven in Värmland in Sweden. A journey between the past and the present. Personal roots become intertwined with the magnificent countryside, exploring how a landscape can invite recognition and affinity and at the same time make the individual feel small and lonely in the encounter with the huge echo presented by nature.

About the Artist
Therése Olsson (b.1988) lives and works in the forest of Dragsjöberg within Värmland, Sweden.

‘As an artist who grew up- & living in the rural society, her work has largely been characterized by identity and by making contemporary art accessible in the countryside. She examines the human relationship to nature and our ideas about place. As a way of understanding and relating to the world, she follows the transformations and cycles that are constantly going on, both within ourselves and the surrounding landscape, which is a part of life but at the same time reveals a distance between human and nature. Her work can be found as photography, video, sculpture and installation. Still, moving and the transition in between.’

Therése is also a co-founder of the artist-group Innan Luften Går Ur (“The Last Breath”) that works with contemporary art and site-specific work in the center of the periphery, in Sweden.

About the Publisher
Journal was founded by Gösta Flemming in 1991 with the aim to publish photo books. They are based in Sweden.

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