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I Build My Own Island
Alison Pilkington

I Build My Own Island Alison Pilkington

I Build My Own Island Alison PilkingtonI Build My Own Island
Alison Pilkington

Text by Frances McKee.


Edition of 300
48 pages
250 x 340 mm
ISBN 9781919651002


Through a series of interconnecting paintings and drawings, poetry and insert leporello book the publication I Build My Own Island explores Pilkington’s connections to Sligo. A series of recurring characters inhabit surreal landscapes that evoke lakeshores, seashores and distant mountain ranges. The labyrinthine style of the book is echoed in the accompanying essay by Frances McKee.

“Memory is full of uncertainty for her: every memory mutates in the mind, changing over time, changing in its retelling, drifting further from its origins and becoming something not quite the same as the event it describes. And if memories morph into other stories then what happens to the identities they shape in each of us?” – Frances McKee

About the Artist
Alison Pilkington was born in Sligo in 1967. She graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art Painting and Printmaking from Sligo RTC in 1989 and with a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting from National College Art & Design in 1990. She completed an MA in Film and TV studies in Dublin City University in 1994.

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