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The World’s First Photobook Was Blue
Albarrán Cabrera

The Worlds First Photobook was blue

The Worlds First Photobook was blue, Albarrán CabreraThe World’s First Photobook Was Blue
Albarrán Cabrera
IBASHO and the(M)éditions


Hardcover, Spiral Bound
Edition of 292 of 1000
82 Pages
320 x 210 mm
ISBN 9791095424260



Albarrán Cabrera’s newest monograph “The World’s First Photobook was Blue” is not a book about what Albarrán Cabrera do, but why they do it. A book without a beginning or an end, without a specific cover (that is why this book has three), and where the text talks about why they photograph and not the images per se. The title is a nod to Anna Atkins, the binding a nod to Brassaï and the entire book is a homage to this deceptively simple but really complex medium which is photography.


About the Artists
Angel Albarrán
(b.1969, Barcelona) and Anna Cabrera (b. 1969, Sevilla) have worked collaboratively as art photographers since 1996. A rich inner philosophy about memory and experience — and a special curiosity for photographic chemistry — guide their aesthetic practice. Influenced by both occidental and oriental thinkers and artists, their photographs question our assumptions of time, place and identity in order to stimulate a new understanding of one’s own experience and perception. For the artists, “being conscious of our surroundings isn’t just an important part of life —our surroundings and how we interpret them is life as we know it.

About the Publishers
The(M) éditions was founded in 2015 by Marie Sepchat.  Specializing in the publishing of photography books, the(M) éditions publishes books that “feel good”, designed as singular objects, in limited editions. Each book offers a unique aesthetic and sensory experience, in harmony with the work of the artist.

From September 2019, IBASHO is collaborating with the Paris-based publisher the(M) éditions, building a catalogue of Japanese photobooks. The first publication of this partnership, so it goes by Miho Kajioka, won the 2019 Prix Nadar by Gens d’Images.

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