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Gustavo Sagorsky

Apparitions, Gustavo Sagorsky

Apparitions, Gustavo SagorskyApparitions
Gustavo Sagorsky

Text by Jordan Rockford


96 pages
170 x 240 mm
ISBN 9788894031942


The monograph Apparitions is a haphazard collection of oddities, from scarred armpit tissue to a taxidermied bird perched on a glass of water, from an impaled fish head to a toy stuffed horse with sullied white fur. Page by page, Sagorsky takes an uncomfortably up-close look at quirky objects and signs of (former) life, drawing our attention to the course of events preceding the pictures. Rich in colours and textures, Apparitions takes a lighthearted visual approach to the essence of existence.

About the Author 
Gustavo Sagorsky has an enormous curiosity about everything he see’s. He feels compelled to observe every detail, to understand how objects relate to each other and in different contexts, with an inquiring look whose purpose is not to discover new data or solve enigmas, but to understand the essence of the present. His interest is based on the present state of things and their inherent past, which has shaped them into what they are. On the other hand, he feels the necessity to gain familiarity with the object to be photographed in order to become detached from the larger context. he invents shields, which helps him to focus and avoid distractions. In this way, he can communicate in a wider and more profound way with the person, object or scene he is relating to.

About the Publisher
Skinnerboox is an Italian Independent publisher focused on contemporary photography.

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