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Paul Graham
The Douglas Hyde Gallery


PaulGrahamPaul Graham
Paul Graham
The Douglas Hyde Gallery


30 Pages
215 x 143 mm
ISBN 9781905397372


Published on the occasion of the Paul Graham exhibition, a shimmer of possibility at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, July 27 – September 19, 2012. Includes text, a shimmer of possibility, by John Hutchinson, and images of works from the exhibition.

About the Artist
Paul Graham (b.1956) is a British artist who works in Fine Art photography. His pieces typically show people and objects in realistic settings with surreal or unusual elements added to the image. Though Graham worked as a photographer during his 20s, he did not have his first show until he was 30. In 2012, the Hasselblad Foundation awarded him the International Award in Photography, making him the only British winner of the award. Graham is the author of over a dozen books and survey monographs that document different areas of the world.

About the Publisher
The Douglas Hyde Gallery was founded in 1978 by Trinity College and the Arts Council of Ireland. The Gallery is also known for its publications, which are sold and distributed worldwide. Exhibition catalogues are usually published in a consistent house style, and there are over sixty titles in the current series.

About the Exhibition
This exhibition has been chosen by the artist from the resulting series of images, entitled a shimmer of possibility, which was first published in 2007 and has since been shown in many galleries and museums around the world, including MoMA, New York. Inspired by the short stories of Chekhov, each series (the original publication was made up of twelve slim books) includes a varying number of pictures and provides an attentive recollection of ordinary moments in the lives of some people Graham encountered on his travels. Including such subjects as a woman eating a take-out meal, a man cutting the grass, or people waiting at a bus-stop, they reflect aspects of ordinary American life that are infused, if you look carefully, with wonder and acceptance.

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