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YYY 4: Holes and other latent places
Various Artists

yyyzine 4

yyyzine 4YYY: Holes and other latent places
Issue #4

Edited by Katri Naukkarinen.
Contributing Artists Linn Phyllis Seeger, and Hallgerour Hallgrímsdóttir


24 Pages
260 x 380 mm
ISBN Not Available


YYY is an experimental photographic zine and an exhibition concept where Katri Naukkarinen is active as both artist and curator. Each issue of the zine invites two photographic thinkers for a conversation about the content of the pages. Participating in the fourth issue are in addition to Naukkarinen, the artists Hallgerður Hallgrímsdóttir from Iceland and Linn Phyllis Seeger from Germany.


The photographer infinitely dances on the horizon, simultaneously looking inside and outside.
We cannot know the hole, we cannot touch the darkness.
Yet the cracks and folds invite us in, their gravity pulling at our vision.
Promising a lukewarm space free of stuff.
In my untellable dreams I become a window.
The perfect inbetween.

About the Artists
Hallgerður Hallgrímsdóttir
was born 1984 in Reykjavik and is currently living and working in Reykjavik. She graduated as a Master of Fine Arts from Valand Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2019. Previously she studied her BA in Fine Art Photography at Glasgow School of Art. In the past years Hallgerður has exhibited work in various places, such as The Photographer’s Gallery in London, Hasselblad Center in Gothenburg, Reykjavik Art Museum, The National Gallery of Iceland and Fotografisk Center in Cophenhagen.
In 2016 she published her first photo book, Hvassast, portraying the eerie beauty of the Icelandic everyday and in 2018 the little book of poetry and pictures Límkenndir dagar was published by Pastel ritröð, Akureyri.

Linn Phyllis Seeger is a cloud-based artist and PhD Candidate at the Royal College of Art in London. Deploying an iPhone-based art practice, Seeger’s work confronts the password-protected private space of the phone with the metaphorical topology of the cloud as public counter space. In her research, Seeger explores the question of intimacy within contemporary modes of digital communication — and in particular, how the Information age has turned the physical and virtual environments of our everyday lives into spaces of disparity and distance. Recent engagements include an invitation to COP26 as part of the Terra Carta Design Lab Award, as well as the participation in the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021. Linn Phyllis Seeger’s first monograph ‘You I Everything Else’, was published by Skinnerboox in November 2020. Linn Phyllis Seeger is a lecturer and tutor in Media Studies, a college-wide course at the RCA School of Architecture.

About the Publisher
YYYzine is an experimental photographic dissemination project aimed at connecting artists who reflect through the act of photographing.

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