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An Emotional Landscape

Hotshoe  Issue 209: An Emotional Landscape

Hotshoe  Issue 209: An Emotional LandscapeHotshoe 
Issue 209: An Emotional Landscape
Hotshoe International


191 pages
165 x 230 mm
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Whether we live in a city or rural ideal our interdependence with nature is ever-present. In this issue, Hotshoe explore our role in nature and our relationship with the creatures who share our world.

Portfolios include the work of Trent Parke, Stephen Gill, Mimi Plumb, P Guilmoth, Jem Southam, Yana Wernicke, Rinko Kawauchi, Takashi Homma, Masahisa Fukase, Jack Davison, Robbie Lawrence, Michael Lundgren and Gregory Crewdson, alongside an extended Q&A. The Crude Metaphors section, featuring a short story by Cal Brocket inspired by the photographs of Robin Schwartz, also perfectly fits the theme. Plus reviews of four newly released photo books.

About the Magazine
Hotshoe has been in print since 1977. Renowned as a cutting edge photography magazine, it is well known in an industry that has changed dramatically since the 1970s. In 2002, Hotshoe was reinvented as a showcase of photographic portfolios, with a multitude of voices and opinion that include some of the most influential names in photography today, writing in one of the few truly independent publications, and distributed throughout the world.