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A Silentio
Claire Laude

A Silentio, Claire Laude

A Silentio, Claire LaudeA Silentio
Claire Laude

Edited by Mathilde Vaveau.


132 pages
210 x 280 mm
ISBN 9782956188452


In her writing and photography, Claire Laude’s book interrogates with the examples of two Mediterranean countries, Italy and Greece, our relationship to the land and the notion of permanence in the landscape. Which traces settle history and human activities in a rural landscape? What sense can be gleamed from the presence of such residue? In exploring the origin, the evolution, the function of two traditions, and in studying the build that hosts them, Claire Laude questions the need to bring attention to what exists, memory as resource.

About the Artist
Claire Laude is a French architect and artist, who has lived in Berlin since 1997 and works with site-specific installations, photography, drawing, video and texts.

Her work deals with the notion of trace and the construction of the memory of a place. The idea of the perception of a shared memory, the associated phenomenon of “derealisation”, and the ambiguity between the imaginary image of a place and lived experience are central points of focus in her research. She choose sites, built or in our natural environement, that are in danger of disappearing, being forgotten or transformed and questions their reconstruction, destruction and appropriation. She is looking for the image of the perception of a place, situated somewhere between reality, memory and fiction.

About the Publisher
ESSARTER Éditions is an association specialised in photo-documentary books. Its creation was born from the meeting between Mathilde Vaveau, photographer, and Lou Reichling, graphic-designer. Paul de Lanzac, photographer, joined them a few months later. Based on their common interests – books, documentary photography and literature – and their complementary skills, their main objective is to create books where texts and images meet and sometimes confront each other.