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Alexandra Huddleston

Orientation, Alexandra Huddleston

Orientation, Alexandra HuddlestonOrientation
Alexandra Huddleston
The Kyoudai Press


24 pages
120 x 164 mm
ISBN Not Applicable


Orientation brings together five prose pieces that describe a radical alteration in the author’s perception as she explores the world on foot. Most of these pieces were previously connected to individual photographs or photographic projects. In this chapbook, the texts are given a chance to speak to each other, and to show the progression in Alexandra’s thinking about walking and landscape.

About the Artist
Alexandra Huddleston is a photographer, writer, and walking artist. Her most recent projects describe landscape as a space of dynamic change. It’s a vision gained by walking thousands of miles in the last two decades. Alexandra brings motion through time and space into her work, expressing what it’s like to be within an ever-changing landscape.

About the Publisher
From its founding in 2012, The Kyoudai Press has specialised in publishing books that interweave word and image. We create works that touch the human spirit and address the deepest levels of experience. We believe beauty can overturn apathy, conformity, and shallow thinking. The press is currently run by its artistic director and cofounder, Alexandra Huddleston.