Please Look After This Song / 이 노래를 부탁해

Please Look After This Song / 이 노래를 부탁해 Lee Jae Kak / 이재각 Self Published English and Korean   Softcover 60 pages 360 x 290 mm 2009 ISBN Not Available   ‘The 765,000v super high voltage pylon through the mountains and fields of Mil-yang to send electricity generated from new Go-ri nuclear plant to… Continue reading Please Look After This Song / 이 노래를 부탁해

Nothing is Safer than the Sound of Her Voice

Nothing is Safer than the Sound of Her Voice Eleonora Lazzari Self- Published English and Italian   Softcover 16 pages 148.5 x 210 mm 2019 ISBN Not Available ‘ For many of us the mother- daughter relationship is maybe the strongest bond in life: a reference, a refuge, an accomplice, and once grown,… Continue reading Nothing is Safer than the Sound of Her Voice

Nebo – Novi Sad

Nebo – Novi Sad Loren Lazic-Duffy Self-Published   Softcover 42 Pages 210 x 297mm 2018 ISBN Not Available   Journeys, expectations, dreams and reality weave alongside the ordinary every day in Novi Sad. Captured in 35mm, Nebo, meaning ‘sky’ underscores the bold colours and textures of life in the artist’s Serbian motherland. About the Artist:… Continue reading Nebo – Novi Sad

LACUNA/AE. Identità e Architettura Moderna a Venezia

LACUNA/AE. Identità e Architettura Moderna a Venezia Eleonora Milner Self Published English and Italian Text by Elena Caslini and Costanza Milner   Softcover 208 pages 200 x 260 mm 2016 ISBN 9791220010344   LACUNA/AE. Identity and Modern Architecture in Venice is a photobook documenting the urban transformations of Venice, which occurred in the second half… Continue reading LACUNA/AE. Identità e Architettura Moderna a Venezia


Sentience Wojtek Kutyla Self Published English   Softcover 60 pages 152 x 177 mm 2015 ISBN 9788393466016   ‘Sentience documents two years of my exploration of emptiness, space and silence. All photographs in the book were taken intuitively, to mark passing moments and to preserve their delicate state. To memorize feelings in the context of… Continue reading Sentience


Untitled Anouk Kruithof Self-published English   Softcover, Newsprint, Wrapped Together with Transparent Plastic 112 pages 210 x 280 mm newspaper 127 x 178 mm signed photograph 2014 ISBN 9789081708104   This is a self-published newsprint by Anouk Kruithof. A collaborative editing exercise between Kruithof and Medina. From the conversation: “AK: “We are going to look… Continue reading Untitled

Pro Eto

Pro Eto Helen Korpak Self- Published English   Softcover 64 pages 170 x 240 mm 2012 ISBN 9789529303298   Pro Eto is a photographic diary consisting of images from a four year-period, with the end of the teenage years marking the starting point of the book and descent into illness the ending. About the Artist… Continue reading Pro Eto

Monkey to Monkey

Monkey to Monkey Nina Korhonen  Self- Published Swedish and English Text by Göran Sommardal   Hardcover cloth 112 Pages 235 x 295mm 2018 ISBN 9789163946455   The pictures in the book Monkey to Monkey are photographed in northern and northwest China, and occasional trips to Beijing and Shanghai, between 2004 and 2016. The monkey is… Continue reading Monkey to Monkey