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Starving Snout and Snug
Issue #2


SSSStarving Snout and Snug
Issue #2

Contributions by David Wall, Rachel Donnelly, Al Higgins, Alex Calder Dabiel Gray.


Softcover (Newsprint)
10 Pages
210 x 295 mm
ISBN Not Available


Starving Snout and Snug (SSS) is a bi-monthly zine. Each issue centres on individuals and delves into their passions – whether coffee, TV, organ playing or photography. The idea is to create a portrait of these creatives and revel in the minutiae of their world and livelihoods; It’s designed by Conor & David, risograph-printed.

About the Magazine
Starving Snout and Snug is interested in the desity of deatil housed in the middle of aficionados, obsessives and fanatics. Each issue will feature a portrait of an indevidual and ther passions, drawn with words and photots.
(source: cover)

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