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The Last Gig
Leigh Arthur

The Last Gig Leigh Arthur

The Last Gig Leigh ArthurThe Last Gig
Leigh Arthur


26 pages
145 x 210 mm
ISBN Not Available


The Last Gig is a celebration of lasts. It documents the last punk gig in Dublin before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Ireland, the last gig of prominent Irish hardcore punk band Disguise and the last gig for many in the volunteer-run social centre, Jigsaw.

First formed in 2004 on anti-capitalist ideals and known as Seomra Spraoi, Jigsaw settled at 10 Belvedere Court, Mountjoy after various moves. Jigsaw was host to countless club nights, queer nights, refugee solidarity events and home to groups such as Rabble, the Abortion Rights Campaign, the Forgotten Zine archive and Dublin Digital Radio to name but a few. It was a beacon of hope and creativity run in a city marred by vulture funds replacing cultural institutes with hotels. When the venue finally closed its doors during country-wide lockdown in April 2020, this fact came as little surprise. What came as a surprise, however, was that this milestone could pass without fanfare or communal mourning for a space that had offered so much to so many. This document aims to memorialise the gig that ultimately became the last for many, before COVID-19 altered Irish society.

About the Artist
Leigh Arthur is a multi-disciplinary artist working in Dublin. She holds a BA (Hons) in Animation from IADT and has worked as an animation professional for broadcasters like Netflix, Nickelodeon, Cbeebies and RTÉ. Her work has strong roots in the punk scene and she has collaborated as a musician and artist on a number of projects via film-making, photography, design and event curation. She performs with punk bands Sissy and Extravision who have taken the stage at IMMA (Primal Rising, 2014), The Douglas Hyde (Dissolutions, 2017) and The Model (Art For Blind, 2018), and throughout the UK. Recently, her paintings have been exhibited in London Drawing Virtual Exhibition (2021) and Locale #3 (A4 Sounds Gallery, 2019) and selected life drawings are included in new Irish publication Waters and the Wild (2021).

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