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Volume Three
Rotten Magazine

Rotten Magazine Volume Three

Rotten Magazine
Volume ThreeRotten Magazine
Volume Three


140 pages
220 x 280 mm
ISBN 9772516780004


Spanning 140 pages of handmade collages, writing and photography, ‘The Rat’ tells the intimate story of terminally-online NEET, Bogman – a reclusive 28 year-old living a toxic life indoors. The issue follows an AMA thread where Bogman answers questions about his life. Each feature focuses on a different question from the thread.

Also included with this issue, is a 60-page zine, featuring stills from David O’Reilly’s 2008 short film ‘Please Say Something’.

Description of Form
This magazine comes with an accompanying 60-page zine detached from the primary magazine.

About the Magazine
Rotten is a contemporary photography magazine based in London. It was created by Joel Seawright & Lucy Jackson.