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O’Devaney Gardens
Peter O’Doherty

O’Devaney Gardens, Peter O’Doherty

O’Devaney Gardens, Peter O’DohertyO’Devaney Gardens
Peter O’Doherty


80 pages
200 x 150 mm
ISBN Not Available


Dublin has changed a lot in the last 20 years with much of the social housing disappearing or redeveloped as the city grows and gentrifies. Having lived close to these communities his whole life Peter noticed that as these areas changed the characters in these places disappeared along with the buildings. He felt it was important to try and capture the stories of the people on video to preserve them and this gave him access to the lives of the people of O’Devaney Gardens. This inspired a photographic essay on the changing of this one small community in the heart of Dublin.

About the Artist
Peter O’ Doherty is a Dublin based documentary photographer. By trade he is a videographer and since 2003 he has been capturing the changing city combining hid love of photography with his skill as a video maker.