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Ten in Berlin / Zehn in Berlin
Grace Schwindt

Ten in Berlin / Zehn in Berlin Grace Schwindt

Ten in Berlin / Zehn in Berlin Grace SchwindtTen in Berlin / Zehn in Berlin
Grace Schwindt
English, German


64 pages
147 x 210 mm
ISBN Not Available


*This photobook was kindly donated to the collection in 2022.*

Ten in Berlin tells stories of children who are in the transitional period between childhood and adolescence. The children are all ten years old, live in Berlin and were photographed in their rooms to give an insight into their world. They were free to express themselves in any way they chose in exploring new identities. They communicate fears for leaving childhood, excitement at entering a new era and hopes and dreams for their future. For the first time a phase of their lives becomes a memory.
(source: introduction)

About the Artist
Grace Schwindt (b. 1979, Germany) works with film, live performance, sculpture and drawing. Through her work she unfolds visual narratives exploring the effects of capitalist culture upon the body and psyche of the individual. She analyses the role that bodies, language and objects play in the construction of history and memory. Her process often originates from specific research and conversations with a wide range of people including activists, artists, musicians, politicians, refugees or her own family members. Many of her works examine aspects of historical events with an emphasis on social relations. The different media employed are connected and intertwined, shapes from costumes reappear in drawings while sculptures echo performative gestures.

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