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Folder V1-4
Darja Shatalova

Folder V1-4, Darja Shatalova

Folder V1-4,
Darja ShatalovaFolder V1-4
Darja Shatalova

8 pages
220 x 275 mm
ISBN Not Available

This publication takes the form of a folder containing eight different pages of the artist’s work. A central element of the artistic work process is the continuous collection of information through recording. The notation serves to structure, analyse and record events on the micro and macro level.

About the Artist
Darja Shatalova (b. 1988, Russia) is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on the structuralisation and systematisation of data, describing current events of her environment and the personal microcosm. In a continuous notation process, she creates multi-layered, coded expressions composed of symbols, mathematical signs, colour codes and assignments, serving the purpose of analysis and pattern recognition. The data, collected in the form of graphical records in artist’s books, is translated into space-based installations, long-term performances and sound compositions. Whereby, the transformative process constitutes a central element of the working method. She is based in Vienna.