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The Blue Rooms
Tracy Staunton

The Blue Rooms, Tracy Staunton

The Blue Rooms, Tracy StauntonThe Blue Rooms
Tracy Staunton


56 pages
240 x 165 mm
ISBN 9781399948043


The Blue Rooms is a series of projected images in domestic rooms in houses in Dublin City, photographed between 2019 and 2023. The rooms are various, and represent a cross-section of domestic space in the city. They present a poetics of private space, of interiority, intimacy, and ‘home’. The rooms depict domestic space as both singular and universal. In these works ‘home’ is the same, but different, for all. It is the first place, a lifelong companion. Home is a repository and an archive, memories cling to home. At home, time is heavy with their weight, it flows slower than outside. Home-time has a density, like matter. Moments contain moments that belong to other homes and other times. A room contains all rooms. Home time is the time of mind, of the inner world. Familiar objects conjure a multitude of similar objects. This chair recalls ‘her’ chair. That curtain lightly fluttering conjures another evening, another place, and an old friend. The sound of dinner plates carries the intimacy of dishes done, a quiet house, time rolling over. The ‘Blue Rooms’ re-call moments, evenings, cups of tea, leavings, and happy and sad days. This publication was an accompanying piece to the exhibition The Blue Rooms at the City Assembly House, September 2023.

About the Artist
Tracy Staunton is an artist with background in architecture. Her primary degree is a BA Arch (Hons) from UCD, her MA ACW was received from NCAD. Her practice since 1994 has included work in printmaking, drawing, installation and film. The work has consistently engaged with architecture in some form. Interests revolve around themes of the trace of time and memory on cities, buildings. ’10 Dreams in Dublin from 2003, and ‘Wounded Time’ from 2010 both explored notions of the persistence of the past in the present. ’10 Dreams used a technique of screen-printing on walls of buildings around Dublin. ‘Wounded Time’ used drawing and video. ‘Keeper’ from 2006 posited a ‘House-mind’, a building that sees and remembers; a thinking structure. All three projects used video to imagine a past that is present while invisible. She has had solo exhibitions at the Kevin Kavanagh gallery in Dublin, and selected shows in Ireland and abroad. Most recently she have exhibited at the RHA annual exhibition in Dublin in 2020, and the RUA annual exhibition in Belfast in 2019. Her work featured in the exhibition ‘and the Women voted: Women artists from the AIB art collection at DLR lexicon, Dunlaoighaire in 2018. She has taught Art, Design and Architectural courses at Colaiste Dhulaigh, NCAD and TUD since 2002. She is a long standing member of the Black Church Print Studio in Dublin, and Chairperson of the Board there since 2020.