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UATLAS: War Migration Record
Various Artists

UATLAS: War Migration Record

UATLAS: War Migration RecordUATLAS
War Migration Record
Ukrainian, Polish, English


80 pages
315 x 280 mm
ISBN 9788396095800


As a result of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, more than 9.62 million war refugees—mostly women and children—have crossed the border into Poland. Since the liberation of some of the occupied areas, more than 7 million people have returned to Ukraine. The largest quantity of people decided to legalize their stay in Warsaw (more than 100,000), but, according to estimates, there are in fact twice as many Ukrainian citizens in the Polish capital. Lviv, as the largest transit center in western Ukraine, has accepted hundreds of thousands of internal refugees, providing temporary shelter or serving as a stop on the way to Poland, Western Europe, and beyond. The authors of this publication carried out interviews on the Polish–Ukrainian border (Medyka, Krościenko, Korczowa), in Lviv, and in Warsaw. This publication contains the stories of those who left their homes, those who were thinking of returning or moving on. Stories of survivors of war crimes in the XXI century in the heart of Europe.

Contributors to this publication include Rafał Milach (Рафал мілах), Ievgen Stepanets (Євген степанець), Elena Subach (Елена субач), Karolina Gembara (Кароліна ґембара), Mika Nechiporenkorenko (Міка нечипоренко), Olena Tkachenko (Олена ткаченко) and Agnieszka Rodowicz (Аґнєшка родович).

About the Organisation
UATLAS: War Migration Record was founded in the context of immense migration and humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th 2022. Its goal is to gather the testimonials of refugees fleeing Ukraine into Poland, as well as of internally displaced people within Ukraine. The war crimes that are currently being committed in the country require immediate documentation for the future of the Eastern European region. The photographs and texts were collected between March and June 2022.
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More Information
Sections of this publication are available to view online here.