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The Fall
Johnnie Doyle

The Fall, Johnnie Doyle

The Fall,
Johnnie DoyleThe Fall
Johnnie Doyle


Self Published
40 pages
210 x 240 mm
ISBN 9781782803164


“I’m a believer of the unstaged shot, a moment and a mood caught in an image. The feeling is there for just a single moment, the trick of the click is to capture it. It’s those fleeting, unstaged moments that I have tried to capture in the photographs I have taken of Dublin through the years, from long before the rise of the Celtic Tiger. This photographic essay is a narrative of that rise and fall. But the story isn’t a simple one. It’s one full of irony.

There are four sections to the narrative. The first three sections cover shots taken before, during and after tigerdom with a final section entitled Heroes and Villains. I’ll leave the viewer to decide which is which, as I leave him or her to decide who is rising and who is falling in the images of the individuals pictured in the book. Were the good times really so good? `were they really filled with blondes in stilettos, arrogant men, and Saturday morning puke on the pavement? And why is that man lying on the ground?” – Johnnie Doyle

About the Artist
Johnnie Doyle is a Dublin-based photojournalist.