May the Road Rise to Meet You

May the Road Rise to Meet You Sara Macel Daylight Books English Text by Marvin Heiferman   Hardcover 84 pages 250 x 230 mm 2013 ISBN 9780988983113   In this remarkable pseudo-documentary and biography, Sara Macel followed her father, a traveling salesman, on his trips across the US. In popular mythology, few professions are as… Continue reading May the Road Rise to Meet You

My Favourite Colour Was Yellow

My Favourite Colour Was Yellow Kirsty MacKay Self-Published English Essay by Professor Jo B. Paoletti   Hardcover 84 pages 180 x 220 mm 2017 ISBN Not Available   ‘My Favourite Colour Was Yellow’ is a documentary photo book recording ‘the age of pink’. Pink has become synonymous with femininity to the extent that it is… Continue reading My Favourite Colour Was Yellow

Hesitating Beauty

Hesitating Beauty Joshua Lutz Schilt Publishing English   Hardcover 49 pages 170 x 240 mm 2012 ISBN 9789053307762   Breaking down the structure of the photograph as truth and the book as narrative, Joshua Lutz’s second monograph, Hesitating Beauty, is an intimate portrait unlike other photographic models. Rethinking how photographs and text can function, Lutz… Continue reading Hesitating Beauty


Mindscapes Lilly Lulay Revolver English, German and French   Softcover 88 pages 190 x 270 mm 2016 ISBN 9783957633460   ‘Lilly Lulay went through piles of pictures, collected photographs which rarely carry traces of their origin anymore, she sourced from private family pictures and random snapshots, then she cuts, dissects, disassembles and destroys them. That’s… Continue reading Mindscapes


Macquenoise Pierre Liebaert Le caillou bleu English and French Text by Septembre Tiberghien   Softcover 32 pages 210 x 300 mm 2013 ISBN 9782930537245   Macquenoise is the bittersweet portrait of a mother and son who live a secluded life with only animals for company, at the mercy of the seasons. From this oedipal relationship… Continue reading Macquenoise

Pretend You’re Actually Alive

Pretend You’re Actually Alive Leigh Ledare PPP Editions English   Softcover with slipcase 205 cm x 265 mm 244 pages 2008 ISBN 0971548056   Composed in its entirety of photographs, written anecdotes and ephemera, Leigh Ledare’s first book, Pretend You’re Actually Alive, is a searingly intimate investigation of the artist’s relationship with his mother, a… Continue reading Pretend You’re Actually Alive