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Lisbet Nielsen

Siggie Lisbet Nielsen Disko Bay Cover

Siggie Lisbet Nielsen Disko Bay CoverSiggie
Lisbet Nielsen
Disko Bay
English, Danish


Edition of 700
64 pages
122 x 140 mm
ISBN 9788797052075


Siggie is a story of transformation, beauty and complexity. The fluid and quiet come together in a narrative about time, life and dreams told through 48 Polaroid images. The pictures are captured over a span of seven years during the 1990’s when Lisbet Nielsen lived in three different apartments with her daughter Siggie.

We see images of interior; lamps, pillows and furniture, and different sceneries, a ray of light over a table, a door that opens into a kitchen with a stove and white wooden chair, a snowy view with rooftops covered by a violet veil all intertwined and bound together by the intimate portraits of Siggie, from the age of 12 until she becomes pregnant at the age of 18.

The images capture a poetic and timeless universe that spring from the visual narrative of a young girls transition from child to adult – in close dialogue with the physical spaces in which this metamorphosis takes place, and in harmony with the change of seasons from outside the kitchen window.

The Polaroid images have been lying in the drawer for many years, and it’s with a new, reflected and liberating gaze that Nielsen now has been able to select and compile the images so that the private gets retold and transformed into a generally human and open aesthetic expression.

About the Artist
Lisbet Nielsen (born in 1957) is a Danish Fine Art Photographer who lives and works in Copenhagen. Nielsen holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art Photography from Glasgow School of Art, Scotland and has exhibited in Denmark, Poland, Scotland, China, Finland and Germany. Siggie is her first book.

About the Publisher
Disko Bay is an independent photobook publisher based in Copenhagen. They work closely together with photographers, designers and print makers to curate and craft unique books in limited print runs. Their aim is to promote Danish photography on the international scene and in the realm of photobooks. Disko Bay was founded in 2018 by Stinus Duch as the first photobook publisher in Denmark.