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I Zii, Linda Brownlee

I Zii, Linda BrownleeI Zii
Linda Brownlee
EightyOne Books

Text by Aisling Farinella.

96 pages
260 x 210 mm
ISBN 9780956732408

Knowing her friend’s appetite for rough-hewn landscape and the minutia of family networks, Aisling Farinella invited photographer Linda Brownlee to visit her relatives in the Italian village of Gangi in Sicily. This was to be the first of numerous trips and 3 years later the resulting photo book is about to be released. The family are presented to us in relaxed portraits and candid shots that criss-cross households and generations. Daily and seasonal rituals are shared as birthday candles are blown out, graves are tended and local asparagus is charred. We accompany Brownlee as she journeys through the surrounding landscape via ruptured roads, foggy elevations and paths carpeted with over-ripe fruit. She has the advantage of observing from the periphery of course, but it is undoubtedly her tender curiosity that brings us around the mountain, down the winding village streets and through the front door.

About the Artist
Irish Photographer Linda Brownlee was born in Dublin in 1979. Since moving to London, her portrait, fashion and documentary work has featured regularly in publications such as Dazed & Confused, Vogue, the New York Times, The Guardian and Telegraph magazines. Brownlee’s photos have been exhibited at London’s National Portrait Gallery, the Gallery of Photography in Dublin, the Yinka Shonebare Space, Host Gallery, and the Nottingham Castle Art Gallery. She was recently invited to contribute to the World in London exhibition at the Photographers gallery. Drawn to subcultures and youth culture, Brownlee’s work manages to convey the unique energy of the many people and places she photographs. Her growing collection of relaxed and intimate portraits are suggested through a very natural and subtle composition.

About the Publisher
EightyOne Books is Linda Brownlee’s own publishing label.

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