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Juggling is Easy
Peggy Nolan

Juggling is Easy, Peggy Nolan

Juggling is Easy, Peggy NolanJuggling is Easy
Peggy Nolan
TBW Books


106 pages
250 x 280 mm
ISBN 9781942953524


This photobook depicts the life of a single mother in Florida raising her seven children while documenting their every move.

About the Artist
Peggy Levison Nolan (b.1944) raised her seven children in the Miami area, mostly in Naranja and Hollywood, Florida. With ardent dedication and unflinching adaptability, Nolan and her family lived in working-class neighbourhoods, alongside other families who became a source of support and occasionally served as her muses. Her work embodies intimacy; this body of photography Blueprint for a Good Life depicts fleeting moments in time. Nolan’s photographs are personal, and yet they tap into our collective nostalgia of family, young love, and boundless joy while recording a family’s resiliency amidst economic and social challenges.

Nolan found photography later in life, but she has been inseparable from her cameras ever since. She recalls, “When my youngest was about three, my dad gave me an old Nikon [camera] and said, ‘Make pictures of the grandchildren.’ And I got hooked. I got so hooked I can’t even describe it to you. One roll of film got me.” While Nolan’s more recent work encompasses colour photography, for this earlier body of work from the 1980s and 1990s, she worked exclusively with black and white film.

Inspired by the domestic space, Nolan photographed her seven children and aspects of their life as a large, boisterous family. Nolan recounts that over time, her children eventually forgot she was documenting their every move, nap, and relationship. Nolan, steeped in the history of photography, draws on street photography with her candid and organic approach.

About the Publisher
TBW Books is an independent photography book publishing company based in Oakland Ca. producing books by some of the world’s most renowned photographers.