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The Loudest Silence
Berta Mars

The Loudest Silence, Berta Mars

The Loudest Silence,
Berta MarsThe Loudest Silence
Berta Mars


153 x 215 mm
80 pages
ISBN Not Available


The Loudest Silence explores a generation following a way of life that is slowly disappearing as our world becomes more interconnected and fast-paced. With greater sense of mortality and the passage of time, Mars documents the relationship between collective and personal memories merging with the present to reconnect with the roots of a freer life where the subjects blend their realities by breathing in tandem with the land. As she spent time with these individuals, Mars was struck by the reality we all must face: the inevitability of growing older. From engaging with this fragile, yet compelling sense of time, she captures fleeting moments from a subtle terrain that encounters at the same time, a strong and orthodox perspective.

About the Artist
Born in 1999 in Girona, Spain, Berta is a photographer based in Dublin.