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Henry Roy

FEB.17,2009 by Henry RoyFEB.17,2009
Henry Roy
Kaugummi Books


32 pages
140 x 230 mm
200 copies
ISBN 9782358620253


In this zine, the Paris based (born in Haiti) photographer Henry Roy portrays a day of his life. FEB.17,2009 describes an imaginary day inspired by his environment, in a dreamy and cinematic perception of reality.
Between reality and fiction, everyday life and “mise en scene”, his work mixes family and street pictures with portraits of, among others, the French filmmaker Claire Denis or the writer, musician and art critic Jeff Rian with his daughter Emma.
Henry also asked the musician Jimmy Tomenou to play his own part for this story.

About Artist
Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Henry Roy is a photographer and writer. He emigrated to France with his family when he was three years old for political reasons. He studied photography in Paris, after which he worked as a photojournalist.