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Leaving and Waving
Deanna Dikeman

Leaving and Waving Deanna Dikeman

Leaving and Waving Deanna DikemanLeaving and Waving
Deanna Dikeman
Chose Commune
French, English


112 pages
190 × 230 mm
ISBN 9791096383214


This book presents 27 years of Deanna Dikeman photographing her parents waving goodbye as she left their home after a visit. Just as she was driving away, Dikeman invariably pointed her camera at her parents. What started with a candid snapshot in 1991 turned into a ritual over the years. The book chronicles their farewells as seasons change and years go by, separating black and white photographs from colour photographs. Leaving and Waving — which was originally part of a larger body of work entitled Relative Moments — is a heartfelt exploration of family, the passage of time and the sadness of leaving. Winner of the Prix Nadar 2021 / Shortlisted Aperture / Paris Photo Book Awards (First Photobook).

About the Artist
Deanna Dikeman was born in Sioux City, Iowa, USA, and currently resides in Kansas City. She has photographed her midwestern family and surroundings since 1985, when she left a corporate job to try a photography class. She has M.S. and B.S. degrees from Purdue University. She received an Aaron Siskind Foundation Fellowship in 1996, and the United States Artists Booth Fellowship in 2008. Since 1988, Deanna has had seventeen solo shows and has been included in over 150 group and two-person shows.

About the Publisher
Chose Commune is a French independent publishing house based in Marseille

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