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Mato Grosso 
Raquel Bravo

Raquel Bravo Mato Grosso

Raquel Bravo Mato GrossoMato Grosso
Raquel Bravo
Fuego Books
Spanish and English


Edition of 100
128 Pages
230 x 280 mm
ISBN 9788494398346


Mato Grosso is an exercise in post-memory which stems from unearthing my father’s photographic archive after his death, and discovering his missionary work in Brazil before I was born. From the discrepancies between the images and his own account of the story, a questioning of memory and the materials of memory is produced. Throughout the use of photographs from the family album, those from my father’s own archive and new images photographed by me, a dispute of meanings takes place and my family’s foundational fantasies and their representation in our family album come into play, along with the operating power structures present in colonialism, capitalism, and the Catholic missions.

Mato Grosso is the winning project of the IV edition of Fotolibro<40.

About the Artist
Raquel Bravo Iglesias is a photographer and educator based in Madrid. Her main concern de ella revolves around memory and intimacy as opportunities for collective negotiation in the construction of meaning through personal narratives. To this end, she uses archives as a problematic anchor point from which to review the present.
She has been exhibited in Spain, India, Uruguay, Latvia, Italy, Georgia, and South Korea. In 2021, her project de ella, Mato Grosso, wins Photobook <40 and is published by Fuego Books.
As a professor, she currently teaches photography and film studies at the Open University of Catalonia, European Institute of Design and Center for Video Studies in Madrid.

About the publisher
Fuego Books is a small publishing house based in the southeast of Spain. It was founded by two siblings, Ángela and Gustavo Alemán, in 2014.

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