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Chris Verene

Family, Chris Verene

Family, Chris VereneFamily
Chris Verene
Twin Palms

Text by Donald Phillip Verene.


280 x 330 mm
120 pages
ISBN 9781931885799


Verene walks right into the lives of his folks, showing you how they are, without any embarrassment on either side. Their togetherness is taken for granted so openly that the viewer feels at each moment like one of them, a member of the clan. Verene’s colour is tender, warm and sensual, though stops well short of being glamorous . . . flooding them all with a strange, sweet romance. These pictures convey his bittersweet fondness for a smaller world in which he grew up but no longer shares, but which has lessons to teach him about the inroads of ageing, disability and other difficulties. People do what they can to help each other and themselves, all from ‘leaking boats.’ Meanwhile, the dark room and the night bring tidings of their isolation. Many viewers are familiar with visits back home in this mood, which Verene renders luminous and fatal.

About the Artist
Chris Verene (b. 1969) is an American documentary photographer, performance artist, and musician.

About the Publisher
Twin Palms Publishers is an American publisher based in New Mexico which has been producing art and photography books for forty years.

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