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All Quiet on the Home Front
Colin Pantall

All Quiet on the Home Front, Colin Pantall

All Quiet on the Home Front, Colin Pantall

All Quiet on the Home Front
Colin Pantall
ICVL Studio


Soft Cover
112 Pages
250 x 200 mm
ISBN 9781641369589


That sense of claustrophobia, morbidity, and anxiety is apparent in All Quiet on the Home Front. It is a reflection of the fears that sat deep within me all when I became a parent; the fear of my daughter’s death, my own death, and my built in obsolescence and redundancy as a parent. To escape this claustrophobia, the banging off the walls and the endless ‘playing’, I took Isabel outside into the landscapes around our home in Bath. The woods of Brown’s Folly, growing out of the contours of an old stone mine, the scrappy BMX track built on the banks of the River Avon, and the Celtic hilltop of Solsbury Hill became our playground. These are the landscapes where both Isabel and I found ourselves and this book tells that story. It’s the story of becoming a child and becoming a father. It’s a self-portrait.

About the Artist
Colin Pantall is a writer, photographer and lecturer based in Bath, England. His photography is about childhood and the mythologies of family identity. A senior lecturer in photography at the University of South Wales in Newport, he writes about photography for British Journal of Photography, Royal Photographic Society’s RPS Journal and Photo Eye, and is a photography blogger. His book of photographs, All Quiet on the Home Front, was published in 2017.

About the Publisher
ICVL Studio is a not-for-profit design studio undertaking commissioned photography, multimedia production, curatorial and archiving projects. We work with clients & partners to develop a range of media work; from single photo-shoots, graphic documentation, production of multimedia projects, exhibitions and publications. We also function as a platform to support the publication and promotion of collaborators’ work.

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